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Aaron G. Jacobs E.I. Staff Structural Engineer Aaron Jacobs is a member of the CTT office in Wilmington assisting professional engineers with structural engineering and construction observation administration. He is responsible for providing support in the analysis and planning of complete design plans finite element modeling shop drawing reviews cost estimates and construction submittals for projects within commercial industrial municipal educational governmental and residential private realms. Aaron also offers engineering assistance with structural condition assessment inspections forensic investigation services and reports for a variety of buildings and miscellaneous structures. He is a 2015 graduate of North Carolina State University and has abundant knowledge of projects in university settings. B. Christopher Crow P.E. Project Structural Engineer Since 2001 Christopher Crow has been providing structural engineering services for projects in the industrial commercialinstitutional and historical markets. Chris is nuclear-trained with experience in the construction and plant shutdown perspectives and nuclear safety awareness and protocols. Chris performs structural assessments and evaluations for both existing and new building systems equipment platforms mezzanines foundations and other structural systems. He is responsible for producing engineering estimates project management detailed design specifications and construction observation and has performed several on-site assignments in the each of the markets. He is also licensed as a general contractor in the State of North Carolina which provides additional building construction perspectives relative to a typical engineer. cttengineering.comC T T T E A M