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Roy T. Barker P.E. Raleigh Office Manager Project Structural Engineer Since 1989 Roy Barker has provided structural engineering services for a variety of projects in the manufacturing microelectronics pharmaceutical and chemical industries. He has extensive experience working in both design-bid-build and design-build arrangements. Besides leading the structural design effort Roy is also responsible for the preparation of project design criteria and scopes of work development of engineering budgets and specifications and the coordination of design drawing production. Jeffrey M. Tanner P.E. Vice President Assistant Secretary Project Structural Engineer Since 1988 Jeffrey Tanner has provided structural engineering services for a variety of projects in the commercialinstitutional and industrial markets. Commercial projects range from office buildings and schools to detention centers. Tanners industrial experience includes projects for the pulp and paper pharmaceutical chemical and manufacturing industries. He provides design and analysis services for new construction as well as retrofitting existing facilities to allow for installation of new equipment and construction. Jeff performs structural assessments to verify existing conditions for buildings equipment platforms mezzanines foundations and other structural systems. In accordance with Chapter 17 of the International Building Code Jeffrey provides Special Inspections including Special Inspection matrix development actual on-site inspections and production of weekly and monthly reports to local building officials. cttengineering.comC T T T E A M